Video Editing

“Fix it in post!” Yeah, we do that all the time. But editing can be so much more when placed in the hands of highly skilled, experienced talent using the best technology. Editing is the very foundation of your post vision. It is the other half of your creative conceit. Why trust it to someone working in his or her basement? Using the latest programs and best equipment, our team will make sure that you have the best that post can offer and that your commercial or program meets the highest technical and aesthetic goals.

New World Post provides a unique approach to editorial time management to ensure you have the think time to thoroughly explore your creative vision. You won’t feel rushed. Our bidding process along with the uncompromising staff standards mean you don’t have to be always watching the clock. It’s much more important for us to get it right than to generate a few more incremental dollars. The proof is our existing clients. We have a phenomenal repeat client rate and are proud to give our clientele the peace of mind and knowledge that our award-winning editors will take your footage and make it into an amazing final product.

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