Color Correction

Get a bad spray tan the day before a shoot or actually want to make someone look like they have a bad spray tan for comedic factor? Does your lead actor have some yellow in his skin that blends into the like-colored wall? We can fix all of that! Color correction can make a demonstrative difference to a final assignment. As a general rule, even for the simplest projects, we seldom let anything out the door without some level of color finessing.

With the new generation of 2, 4 and 5K imaging motion cameras, the industry has witnessed, in essence, the advent of “raw” photographic files delivered to the edit suite. It is more important than ever to have a post staff that has extensive color correction experience and a keen color eye. Our color editing software provides the ability to manipulate these files not only on a primary level, but secondary and tertiary levels as well. So, in the right hands, the color palette possibilities are extraordinary. Bottom line: our editors and motion-graphics artists have the chops to make sure that the color theme of your final product is up to the highest creative standards.

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