New World Post Production was established in 1985 as the premiere boutique editing facility for St. Louis’ then emerging video scene. Our editors and motion designers bring extensive experience, intuitive talent and employ the latest technology in creating each project. When you utilize New World you are getting craftsmen with keen sensibilities for color, motion, flow, sound and feel; creative partners that will truly help you create a standout project. Most importantly, our team is known for their customer service as well as their ability to come up with unique solutions to “plus your boards”. From a business perspective, New World has your back; you’ll never feel like you are being “nickel and dimed” and you won’t miss that all-important deadline.

Our new post suites were built in 2011 and provide not only the best in technology but the best in client comfort. In addition to spacious rooms that can easily accommodate multiple individuals, New World also has several client conference rooms when you need to multitask.

New World offers a complete line of post capabilities. It matters not what your acquisition format, your graphic wishes or your distribution methodologies. Our creative’s have the unparalleled ability to mesh new or existing technology with high impact outcomes.